Je t’aime beaucoup, Grand-maman. Je m’excuse de ne pas avoir pu te dire quoi que ce soit depuis si longtemps. J’espère juste que tu ne souffres plus. J’espère aussi que quelque part dans cet univers, peut-être que tu pourras m’entendre chanter. Merci pour tout. Je suis vraiment heureuse de pouvoir être en vie partiellement grâce à toi. Maintenant, tu peux te reposer, tu as vécu de ton mieux. Je m’excuse de ne pas pouvoir être là pour te rendre hommage dans la ville où tu as vécu et est décédée.

Repose en paix.







My grandmother (dad’s mother) passed away yesterday.
I just learned about it today through my uncle.
She wasn’t doing so well since the past few years.
I won’t elaborate.

I’m very sad I’m in Japan while it happened.
I didn’t talk to her in a long time.
I hoped she could hear me sing.
She was a really nice person.
We went to my grandparents’ house a lot when I was a kid.
I heard she spoke fluent english, which is pretty rare for someone her generation, in Quebec. But I never spoke to her in english, so I never heard her.
She made the best brownies in the world. TRUST ME.
I always wanted to see a picture of her when she was young. Everyone in the family said she was a really beautiful woman in her young days. I wanted to see…
I hope my grandfather is going to be okay….now that he’s all alone. I’ll pray for him.

I wish I could have thanked her.
I have a lot of memories that I’ll always carry with me.
All the people we meet in life make a change in the way we become.
If my grandma didn’t exist, I wouldn’t exist either.
So I wouldn’t be able to sing for anyone.
I am grateful I was given life.
We will all eventually die, as human beings. So that’s why it’s important to cherish the things and people we love, everyday.

My grandparents on my mother’s side both passed away a long time ago. And so did my mom, 8 years ago.

But I think no matter if you have blood relatives or not, your family is the people who are dear to you. So please never forget that. Your relatives, close friends and even pets…everyone who is important to you, always cherish them. And let them know you care. Because you never know when they will be gone. People have strong hearts, but the human body is a fragile thing that decays. No one is an exception.Don’t go to sleep without making up with people, as much as you can.

I had a lot of things I needed to post about, but I hope you’ll forgive me for making a separate entry for the sake of my grandmother. I promise to update tomorrow.

Everyone, be well and healthy

~Magic Sparkles~