I’m sorry it took so long to make an update!! Here is a quick synopsis of the Osaka event I participated in.

So I took the Shinkansen to Osaka on the 29th of november. It was so cold and stormy outside.
I didn’t bring my computer, so my suitcase was much lighter than usual though!
The day of the event was sunny. 🙂

It was fun seeing the staff people again, Kita-san and Hikari-chan.
Everyone is so nice.

We had a beautiful view of the sea from the waiting room.
We even saw some cosplayers from up there. *hehe* ❤

The stage we performed at was a more open space than the 2 other events.
I’m sorry….I wanted to ask someone from the staff to take a picture when I was on stage….but I forgot. ^^;

Hikari-chan sang her favorite ‘Blue Bird’ song. 🙂
She was so cute that day!! She was even wearing a hat.
Somehow, it’s like I have a little sister now!! (I wish I had one….;_;)
Don’t you think we look alike??!! Haha. Just kidding. I *wish* I was as cute as she is. 😀
I hope she can do something fun in the future. Looking forward to it!

Then I sang ‘Eternal Blaze’. I know I did better than I did at the Tokyo semi-finals with that song…but…
My range doesn’t extend very low, so it’s hard to produce sounds at all when I’m at my low range limit. ^^; It’s really a song I love, but for my range, it’s not my best song to sing. >_< I really did my best and practiced a LOT before the event though. 🙂

Nana-san is really an AMAZING singer to be able to sing such difficult songs so well. *_* I admire her so much.

Then Kita-san sang the two theme songs from his singles (Persona OP, Natsume Yujincho OP).
I’m really envious. He sings so well live. I really can’t wait to hear what he’ll do next!
He’s really good at singing all sorts of songs!!
He’s participating in an event in a few weeks, I wish I could go!!!
There’s a bunch of other anime singers in the event too!!! >_< *sighs*

We had to leave right after the event.
I felt sad to part with everyone.
It’s not for sure yet, but I was told our next event together might be in march 2009.
That seems far away…. But I’m grateful I was able to meet everyone.
Thank you so much for the good time, and for giving me a chance to get a bit more stage experience. 🙂

See you all soon~