I’m still alive!!!!!
Can you believe it…?
Okay, I’m just being silly as usual. ^^;

November 16th 2008, Fukuoka event.

LOVE FM (a radio station in Fukuoka) interviewed us in the early afternoon (‘us’ include Kita-senpai and Hikari-chan! yay! (lol)).
As usual, I feel so awkward about being interviewed.
But I’ll do my best!!
A tall guy and his girlfriend were waving in my direction from the outside window after the radio show, but I wasn’t sure if they were waving at me or at Kita-san (or everyone??). So I just smiled back. ^^;

Fukuoka’s speciality is ramen!!!! But…..I didn’t eat ramen. What a bad girl I am. 😄

I didn’t have much time but…. I walked through Canal City, a huge mall next to my hotel. Waaaaaaoowww! The christmas decorations were so pretty.
I saw a Moomin cafe. o_O I lol’ed. Is that for real?!
I even encountered a giant cake.

Then the event we performed at :

J:COM Fukuoka Fair (J:COM福岡フェア)

I was so stressed out because we did rehearsal and there were already people watching??!
I tried not to mind the people’s presence, so I looked up towards the ceiling/light…..but NO!!!
There were several floors with people watching from above!!! I didn’t know how to pretend there was no one watching!! Haha.
Haha. I was so embarassed….singing rehearsal and then singing again for real…poor people must have been thinking ‘oh no, not the same song twice again!’

We all performed 2 songs.
I always hope that I can improve at controlling my nervousness in front of people…
And learn to give a bit more genuine emotion to the people watching. 🙂

After the event, Kita-san had an autograph session for his lovely fangirls.
So Hikari-chan and I went to take a peek. It feels like Hikari-chan is my new little sister. ❤ 😄 (I don’t have one but I wish I did!)
I got stopped by a few J:COM staff people who asked for a picture with them. ^^;;; I laughed. They are all nice people.

There were a few people who wanted to give me a handshake, including one young girl who was with her mom. She was so moved and cheered for me. T_T I almost wanted to cry…I was really touched. Thank you~

Oh oh oh! Surprise! Who came to meet up with us??! Tanaka-san!! (one of the contest finalists)

He’s such a nice person! ^^

It seems like Konomi-chan couldn’t come. (The other Fukuoka finalist) T_T

Then we all met up later for a get-together to watch the finals of the contest on TV. It was airing on that same evening at 9pm.
We took a lot of silly pictures and had fun as we ate a very late dinner.
I was so embarassed about seeing myself on TV in front of everyone. I know my performances weren’t perfect…so I hoped no one would point all my mistakes…lol
But the others were too. Haha. It’s okay, we’ll get over it! Nobody’s perfect. ^^;

There are people who uploaded the contest videos on Nico Nico Douga and on YouTube, so feel free to take a look, if you’re interested in hearing my not-so-perfect singing and less-than-incredible japanese, hehe.

As always, thank you so much for the support~




ラジオ (LOVE FM)の番組のインタビューもしました。日本語はヘタですけど。。。。(笑)

最高でした~ いっぱい食べました!!とかなんとか。イエイ!

Magic sparkles to you all,