I got a coat today. It was a priority if I don’t want to die this winter.

But today was actually very warm. It felt like a day of september.

It seems like Yuki was heading towards the mall too, so we ended up meeting in the mid-afternoon.
Then it was Nano’s live performance. It’s been a while since I saw her perform. She did awesome. My ears were happy. I wanted to take a picture, but my camera is still at Yodobashi (an electronic store) where I left it for repair. My cell………..I always tried to figure out how to make a focus…but I never found how. >_< When I got home, I just HAD to figure it out for next time. And I did. But wow…it’s so complicated. But I did it!! *coughs* anyway. So yeah… She performed 4 songs to open the show (several bands were gonna perform tonight). Including her most recent one. Nano and her guitar make a great team. 🙂

Yuki performed at an open mic last week and I went with her to watch. I wanted to make a video but that’s when I broke my camera….lol. Such bad timing. I think even though she can sing pretty loud, I like it a lot when she sings softly. It’s a good feeling.

Lisa surprisingly sent me an mp3 recording of a cover song. I just listened to it now as I got home. I haven’t replied to her yet. But wow. She’s working at improving at singing loudly. o_o I was really surprised. I *knew* she’s been hiding power somewhere inside, she just wasn’t aware of it. I hope from now on, she’ll keep aiming towards new goals like that. Go Lisa!!! I’m proud of you!

Oh yeah… Saku posted a new song too the other day. I didn’t say anything to her, but I really think she has the type of singing that fits those really pop-ish songs. I think she has a lot of ability there.

Ah. Why am I talking about people’s singing tonight?

I recently decided to watch Utawarerumono.
And I just finished the other night.
The story is very centered around war, so if you think you can bear seeing a few cut arms and arrows piercing people…lol…
No, seriously. It’s pretty violent but…
The story behind the characters is interesting.
I guess it’s one of those series where you get really attached to the characters as they evolve and get closer together.
And well, I already knew this, but they play Suara’s song ‘Kimi ga tame’ around the end of the last episode.
I loved that song so much, but now I love it even more. T_T

A little while back, I watched Kino no Tabi too. Another series that left me really ‘…waaaah. I want more episodes’ sort of feeling. It’s the kind of story that makes you ponder about a lot of things.
And how foolish people can be sometimes. It was so interesting.

Thank you for the support, as always.