I unfortunately broke my digital camera. I am trying to find a place to get it fixed.  My next priority of purchase is a winter coat. I have one from Canada but it’s really short and not warm, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to catch a cold because I’m not dressing properly. I saw one that I liked today, I might return to buy it tomorrow since I’m getting my pay. At least my cell can take pictures, even if it’s not good quality ones, it’s better than nothing!

Other than that, I got myself a nice 2009 calendar and agenda. I tend to write things here and there and I should try to be slightly more orderly. ^^; The store I saw had so many cute calendars, it was so hard for me to pick one… I don’t remember seeing such lovely things when I was in Canada.

Christmas is drawing closer!! Then again it’s just an other ordinary day for me. But I love the lights. The surroundings of Shinjuku station is so full of pretty lights!!!

In front of Harajuku at ‘la foret’, they also put up a huge christmas decorated tree.

I’m sure a lot of places are getting cold lately, so make sure to stay warm!!