I got back from Osaka around 7pm tonight.
I wanted to stay around to visit a bit but… I was so tired that I came back not long after the event was over.

I was happy to see Hikari-chan, her mom, and the guys from ST-awake again. We all got along well today and did our best to perform for the people who came to watch. I wish I could have hung out with them a bit more. It’s too bad everyone lives so far…

I was also able to finally speak a bit with Kita-san. He was so nice! I asked him for an autograph.. ^^;
Hikari-chan brought little presents for everyone. I thought it was very sweet. ;_; ❤

I miss them already.

The staff people that I know are also very nice and fun. ❤ (even though they’re busy doing their jobs)

I thought I’d attempt to be funny and replied to the MC with a ‘honma ya?!’ (the kansai people say honma ni instead of hontou ni = really?) …..but nobody laughed. No reaction. Haha. I thought they’d at least be like ‘lol…why is she trying to speak like us even though she can’t’, but oh well… I felt so silly! I often fail at attempting to be funny. ^^;;; But it’s ok!!

I’m glad I got to sing, even though I still have a long way to go and improve.

I hope I’ll have a bit more energy to sightsee a bit next time I go to Osaka, which is at the end of the month.

Next event is in about 2 weeks, but in Fukuoka.

It looks like I have a lot of things ahead of me, music and not music related too, so I’m quite tired, but I won’t give up.



I slept about 2 hours last night, so I think I’ll go to bed now, even though it’s only 11pm.



(EDIT: To answer everyone’s questions. The event was a bit like a convention. The building is big, so they scattered the different events in different spaces. Our section had about 100 seats. I didn’t count them, so I’m just approximating by eye from what I remember. I was expecting to see only a small audience, but the seat section looked full when I went up to sing. So even if it was a small event, I’m happy that all these people came to watch us. It was about 50/50 guys and girls. I’d say teens/young adults mostly. We all had time for 2 songs. I sang 2 of the songs I sang at the contest. And I wore the same dress I wore at the contest too. That’s what I can afford for now. ^^; I hope that answered your questions! 🙂