Nana Mizuki is doing a concert in January 2009.

I AM SO GOING!! I don’t care even if I wouldn’t have the money.

I’m so sad I had to miss the one last time.

I finally took the time to sign up for Nana’s fanclub. Yay! I’m such a dork. Well, I’m not subscribed yet, but as soon as the steps are completed, I will get my members’ card! Woohoo! (should I be embarassed? lol)

I  bought a small thingie (I don’t know how to call it) for my laptop. Not a chair, not a table…just a small……….thing…. like… to use when you’re too small to reach something. You can sit on it too. I don’t know how to call it, but it’s very convenient! I don’t have to hurt my back nor crook myself anymore! It will probably also help because the laptop often overheats. I put it on a surface with no holes. But on this thing, I think there is plenty of air and freshness that won’t make it crash as much anymore. Hopefully!

I bought a CD today. A Suara CD. I loved her voice from before (when I first heard of her in 2006), but I suddenly realized I wanted one of her cds to listen to. Her voice is so rich and warm……..I don’t know how to explain it. But I feel so relaxed and peaceful when I listen to her voice. It makes me happy….

I also got KOKIA’s new album ‘KOKIA meets Ireland’. It’s so beautiful…. I love KOKIA’s voice and style…I couldn’t NOT buy it…;o; forgive me for the numerous purchases!! Then again, I’m the one who needs to apologize to myself since it’s my own money and I’m punishing my own self…lol

On my way, I stopped to see Yuki at her job!! She was so cute in her uniform..haha. I should have taken a picture. I also stopped at other food kiosks…bought some yummy breads. ❤ It was all delicious.

I have work tomorrow and on friday too and stuff to do in the evening on both days.

I’ll try to enjoy life as I can! Even when there’s duty, it’s part of life!

(When I was a kid, I thought if you pretend something is a game, it will become fun. So I taught my brother how to pretend to play while cleaning up. Haha. We pretended we were at a store buying stuff. So we put the items back in place after we bought it. Something like that. 😛 The good old days… I wish I can do that with work too! Pretend it’s some fun game… Please God, give me back my imagination and magic powers!!!) 😄 (lol)