*drum rolls*
It wasn’t easy, but I went through the Tokyo semi-finals and made it to the finals for the Animax contest.
We are 2 finalists from Tokyo, so there should be 2 finalists from each city. (The finals are on September 21st, so I’ll make sure to get ready!!)

I hope I can improve my nervousness level and control my voice better.
For the stage presence, I know I need to work harder…
And for the interviews…….I’m NO GOOD. T_T;;; Not just due to my level of japanese. I’m very camera-shy. I got completely insecure mostly cause of that. I don’t want to be interviewed… ;_; (lol) *runs away from the camera*

But hey! I was number 7! (nana-ban …hahaha…and my song was a NANA Mizuki song 😉 )
All the contestants were so serious about the contest. They all are aspiring anime singers, voice actors or idols… Some of them are really doing things on the side to try to achieve their dreams at the moment. They were all lovely people. Some of them were really nice. Some of them were cool. Some of them were so cute. *_* ❤

I really had a great experience and I’m very grateful to have a chance to be in the finals.
Since everyone worked so hard, I want to do my best and not disappoint anyone.

Afterwards, I went to eat a very late dinner with my friends

The day after, I saw a parade on the street when I finished work. Waaaah! ❤ It was awesome. But it was raining a bit.

I have to go get ready for some more singing practice today, since I don’t have work.
Gonna go do that now.
Then afterwards, I’m going to watch Nano perform at open mic tonight. 🙂
Go Nano!!! <333

Many thanks to all of you who give me support.
I do read all your comments. 🙂
I won’t let you down!!!