I’m alive!!!!!!!
No, seriously. I’ve been wanting to post, I swear.
Last week, I went to Asakusa to the temple and got an omikuji.
To my greatest surprise, I got the FIRST one. I mean, out of….how many? 100? I got number 1? Haha, that was funny. But the best thing was…. it was a GOOD fortune! (Best fortune). So all that was written on it was good. BRING IT ON, THE FUTURE! πŸ˜€ ❀ (Wow, did I really become lucky now?)
I go watch Nano perform at open mic every week. Along with Yuki. Nano is awesome. I can’t believe how much she’s improved ever since she started doing this. πŸ™‚ *cheers for Nano*

The other day I walked around Shinjuku station and found a wonderful singer performing. I know I heard the song before…but not sure where. Maybe it was on TV. I can just say one thing : She wasΒ too amazing LIVE. She sounded perfect. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was very folk-ish, which is definitely not easy to sing. And despite that she was just one girl with a mic and standing on the ground with nothing else around her, she had so much passion and presence that it really mesmerized me.

Her name is Mika Kamita.
I bought the CD that included that one song…. and she offered to sign it for me!
I was so happy. πŸ˜„

Tomorrow……..erm…TODAY now (wow, already 1am),
is the Animax Grand Prix contest.
It’s a bit hard for me to believe it. I still feel in my little everyday life. Am I really gonna sing tomorrow?? (er..today?) I don’t want to think about doing good. I don’t wanna think about anything.

I just want to think about singing. And feeling the song.
As much as I wish I could do everything perfectly, I think worrying too much about everything is just going to make it worse.
I’ve had some stage experience before, but pretty seldomly………
And now it’s been 2 years since the last time.
I don’t want to let the stage fright ruin my own enjoyment!!
I hope I meet a lot of formidable contestants who share the same passion and that I can enjoy the day with, since we have to be there starting 10am. I wish I could be in the audience to watch the show though!! It would be nice if we had a back screen….

Anyway, I’m singing ‘ETERNAL BLAZE’ by Nana Mizuki.
I admire her (Nana) so much.
Nana sounds incredible live. And this song is so difficult.
I think the hardest part is the ‘mirai e’. Somehow, ending high head voice notes in head voice is easy with ‘i (ee)’ and ‘u (oo)’ sounds…..but ‘e (eh)’ is really REALLY difficult. Even when I practice, I don’t do well on it half the time. I wanted to find a trick, but I wasn’t able to. Please cross your fingers that I don’t mess up there. πŸ˜„ I’ll do my best!! ^_^

YAY! Let’s all enjoy (what?)!