I got my pay a little earlier than planned, so I was able to go practice at karaoke on friday night!

It has not been easy to keep money aside to go practice, but I think it will get easier now that I’m working a lot.

I have been partly practicing for the upcoming Animax anime song contest in 2 weeks.
I know that my weak points are stage presence and my incredible nervousness.
I still hope I’ll enjoy this experience as much as possible.
And hopefully meet new people.

Singing is always a fun thing to do, so I’m always doing my best to remember to enjoy doing it. Music shouldn’t be a duty. Music is about feeling and I’ll never change my mind on that, even if it becomes my work eventually.

I have a long shift tomorrow (now today…oops, it’s already passed midnight!). 10am until midnight. So I will go to bed now!

No matter what, I won’t give up!

Thank you for reading.
And all the kind comments.
They mean a lot to me, especially these days.