It’s been a little while since my last post.
How is everyone doing?

Here it’s been sunny sometimes…then raining at other times.
I’m surprised it’s not raining as much as I had expected.
My umbrella is all broken, I should go buy another one soon.

I was getting tired of having my toothbrush inside a bag, so I looked for a toothbrush rack but couldn’t find one. Instead, I got myself this pen glass that has 3 different compartments, so I can put all my toothbrush kit in there!!! Isn’t that ingenious?…lol (ok, not really…haha)

I finished working at my other job about a week ago and the Chef gave me one of his delicious pieces of cake as a farewell present!! I was so touched….and obviously, my stomach was happy! (I forgot to take a picture…*sniff*)

I found a new job, I’m starting on wednesday but….they’re probably not going to give me enough hours to survive either. So I’m going to beg them to give me a bit more hours, and if it won’t work, I’ll have to do my best to find a 2nd one that could possibly match this schedule….*crosses fingers*

About music-related things…. This month’s “Audition” magazine didn’t have many new things I could enter/send to. Hopefully next month will be better!!! No ‘giving up’!! 😀

I feel that I need to ask more of myself. I’m not proud of my japanese at this point. I don’t know how to improve though. I do my best to speak when I’m required to. I try to remember the new vocabulary I learn…and yet…. my grammar skills won’t improve at all. But there’s no way I can give up. I can’t regress. I can only move forward!!! >_<

Take good care, everyone!!! Don’t give up on your dreams either. 🙂

Someone said : Success makes someone stupid, but failure makes them evolve.