I know that they are very few, but some people still come to visit my blog. So for these people who still support me, I am reviving my blog from here on. The past things don’t matter. You can’t change the past. But you can change things today. For the sake of tomorrow.
I have nothing incredible to update about though.
I still can’t record anything at my current living place (dormitory).
I don’t have any special announcements to make. I didn’t become a singer or anything incredible.

But I think posting here and connecting with the people who are still willing to support me is important. Especially because what I’m doing isn’t easy, I feel posting here will motivate me on my quest towards my goal.

So the important points are :

1-I am still alive.
2-I am still in Japan.
3-I’m currently working hard at finding jobs. I started one the other day but it’s very few hours so I will need to keep looking for a 2nd one to be able to survive financially. In other words, it’s only the beginning.
4-I am still looking for the appropriate kinds of auditions. I have a few things that are still in the mist, I don’t know if anything will work out or lead me anywhere, but I’ll do my best.
5-I am still living in a dormitory for foreigners and I still hate it (sorry…haha).
6-My spoken japanese is still bad! 😀 But I want to improve sooo much. I can’t afford going to a japanese language school, but I do my best to keep my ears open and talk when it’s possible. I also try to study from the books I have when there I have time. I need to learn much more vocabulary and grammar!!! Understanding is very important but…speaking is required if I want to stay here, I know that.

I won’t admit I’m defeated until I really see no other way.
I don’t like living in a dormitory but…. I love the atmosphere of Japan.
I’m getting used to living here.
So many little things that I don’t want to let go of right now.
I don’t want to go back to Canada.
I want to sing here, in Japan. So I’ll do everything I can in order to be able to stay. I don’t want to see my long-term efforts to go waste.

So if you decide to stay by my side, thank you SO much.